Sunday, February 21, 2010

Watching the Detectives

Involving myself with Winnipeg Copwatch is one of the ways that I am taking practical steps toward changing society for the better. Copwatch is an organization that attempts to keep the police accountable for their actions and deter abuse by monitoring and videotaping them. The Winnipeg chapter was established in 2006 and is quite effective and active in promoting their cause. In my humble opinion, their most important function is holding Know Your Rights workshops which teach citizens about the rights possess vis-a-vis the police.

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I have been aware of Copwatch for a number of years and thought periodically about becoming involved or attending a rights workshop but I always made excuses about not having enough time or energy. A beautiful aspect of The Plan is that I am now free to jump head-long into appealing projects. I've decided that only after participating to my fullest potential for a period of time will I make the determination of whether or not I wish to continue participating. The opportunity for involvement arose when Copwatch sent out a mass email asking for people/non-profits to aid in organizing events for International Day Against Police Brutality. At this point I have attended several meetings and see no reason to quit any time soon. The next meeting is being held at 7:00pm on February 25th at the Magnus Eliason Recreation Centre. I encourage everyone reading this who is interested in the work of Copwatch to attend the meeting and offer to assist in the planning and doing of the IDAPB event.

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