Monday, February 28, 2011

Fuck the Corporate Media: Toronto G20

How perfectly absurd and predictable is it that even in articles discussing the "widespread and violent trampling of civil rights by police" and "illegal arrests, detentions and police brutality," both the National Post and the CBC choose accompanying images that whitewash the police violence that took place at the Toronto G20.

From from the Globe and Mail article titled "Report calls for in-depth public inquiry into ‘shocking’ abuses at G20 summit":

From the CBC article titled "G20 'rights violations' require public inquiry: report":

Both pictures are relatively benign and violence free. They carefully selected them to be that way to defend the government and the institution of the police.

If they were truly journalistic entities that cared at conveying unbiased truth, the Globe and Mail and CBC would have selected the following image that obviously captured what took place moments before/after the above two images.

The above image has become an iconic representation of the cavalier police violence that took place in Toronto. It appears all over the web in stories about the Toronto G20. I think it's fair to assume that any journalist covering the issue would have stumbled across it dozens of times. Yet, the CBC and the Globe and Mail deliberately chose not to use it in order to deliberately obscure reality.

Lesson: Don't trust anything you see in the corporate/state media unless you can verify it with a non-corporate/non-state source.

(There's a slight chance that this is an issue of copyright, but based on what I see, it looks like all three photos were taken with the same camera by the same person and would probably fall under the same copyright.)

Edit: Same goes for CTV, obviously.

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