Friday, July 23, 2010

Response to "Shady Bizness" Comment

Anonymous said...

If you were SOOOOO concerned with the "First Nation" individuals well being, then why did you continue to stand there and observe? You would think, that an individual so pro-active as yourself would step in and involved, instead of watching and then making a few phone calls afterwards. You can write letters and make phone calls and even hold signs but unless you risk something, and get involved in peoples lives, all of that means NOTHING!!

Nothing? Do you honestly think that the actions that I took are exactly the same as the dozens of people who could have stopped, could have observed, could have spent hours making phone calls, could have sent letters, could have gone to the Public Safety Building, etc. but chose not to and instead just walked by while averting their gaze?

How dare you accuse me of not actually caring about a First Nations person's or anyone else's well-being. You don't know me and you have no basis upon which to make such an unfounded accusation.

Here are two key reasons why I didn't get "involved": the entire event happened in less than one minute and my instincts always bend toward pacifism, I was afraid because the Biz worker was literally twice my size and would have kicked the shit out of me too if I had stepped in.

Don't you find it a tad hypocritcal that you're accusing me of being risk averse and cowardly when you didn't even post your comment under your real name?

And you know what, I do get involved in people's lives. I regularly go out on Copwatch patrols to let the police know that they're being monitored by people who care and to give out rights information to people (often First Nations and poor) who may find themselves interacting with the police. I also volunteer at Winnipeg Remand Centre and try to improve the lives of inmates (often First Nations and poor) and their families. In the future, I will hopefully do even more.

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