Thursday, June 24, 2010

Leftist Letters to the Editor

Against all odds, the Free Press decided to print my most recent letter to the editor. View the letter itself here: Who do they work for? It appears that if your letter is short enough, they'll print just about anything!

Writing to the editor is intellectually stimulating, ego-gratifying and (word that means a release of pent-up negative emotion that I can't remember right now). It's a low-risk, low-effort hobby that all good leftist should engage in. So, in order to encourage other politically-minded bleeding-heart pinkos to send in their own letters, I decided to create a facebook page. I called it Leftist Letters to the Editor. If you join, you can use the page to post letters that you submitted but never got printed, post letters you did get printed, see the letters of others, and recieve semi-regular suggestions in your news feed of articles worthy (in my humble estimation) of response (either praise or derision).

Edit: cathartic

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